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October 24th, 2009

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So, first year I had a crappy room and crappy housemates. Second year, nice house, crappy housemates. Third year, crappy house, nice housemates. Fourth year, fantastic house, nice housemates. Lasted five whole weeks before something ruined it. Thought I would've got to live somewhere I was happy with for a year by now...suppose I just have to hope about next year - back to the usual *sigh*

February 17th, 2007

Well, Wednesday was an adventure! We managed to get to London without too much fuss - passed the time on the train by playing Daleks vs Cybermen draughts (Go out and buy Doctor Who Adventures magazine, everyone!) and other interesting things like that...going past the Ryder van place near Reading was very exciting, as me and Sarah both spotted it at the same time and yelled 'RYDER VANS!!!!' in a not at all geeky way:P
Once we got to London, we took a walk to Trafalgar Square, and had some MiniTen adventures by the column. We found a Scotland tourist information type place, and took a MiniTen photo by the Scotland sign too - again, in a not at all geeky way...! We thought we'd waste some more time by walking up the Mall towards Buckingham Palace - it's a long walk, that! MiniTen very much enjoyed having his photo taken by the Palace. Wonder if the Queen spotted us out her window?!
Finding the Bafta builing involved walking up and down the same street a few times, before we decided which direction we were meant to be going in. Not lost, just...having a look around and some exercise...:P MiniTen visited the Ritz, and I thought I saw Jude Law getting out of a taxi. Or just a very very good lookalike. Lucky for him (and me - what was I thinking?!), I got over my Jude Law obsession a couple of years ago!
We waited around outside Bafta for a while before they let us in, and we met a good few members of Team Tennant - lovely to meet you all! I can't for the life of me remember what everyone looked like, but it was nice to put some faces to names while we were there! We'd been told that although David wasn't there, Sarah Parish was - and the Scoobies took a little walk to the other end of the room to see if we could spot her. I had a bit of a Natalie Holden squee;) Just after we'd seen her, a guy came in to say that we were allowed into the cinema bit now, and somehow we'd got lucky and ended up at the doorway nearest the front of the room, so we sat ourselves down in the third row, saving a seat for Moosey. The first couple of rows were mainly reserved, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to cope with sitting anywhere nearer to Sarah Parish when I knew I'd be crying and squeeing at the pretty bum;)

And now...I bring Recovery spoilerage! This is going to be pretty much everything I remember about the show (at this moment in time:P), so if you only want to be spoiled a little bit but not have too much detail...I wouldn't read on!

You do something to me, something deep inside...Collapse )

And that's it! - There's ever so much more, no doubt most of which will pop into my head once I've posted this, but I think that'll do for now:P Hope it's up to Henri standards! And hello to everyone who I talked to on Wednesday, it was great to meet you all. Special hello to Laura (Satsuma Girl;)) because she waited around outside with us afterwards, and had come Ever Such A Long Way. Hope you got home okay!

*waits impatiently for 25th*

November 18th, 2006

I have decided...

...because my journal seems to have become a land of blatant fangirl smut, I need to make sure that none of my family (read: My Brother) EVER find it!:P And so...

Well, mostly FO, anyway. I might leave out a few gems of wit and wisdom for the commoners;)

March 22nd, 2006

Now where was I? Oh that's right...Donaldson's Dairy!
Ha. Got you! You thought I was going to say Barcelona, didn't you? *makes L-shape on forehead and sticks out tongue*
Well, this LJ thing is all very scary. Why am I even here? I don't hardly ever update the blog I already have!

So, this is me. I am a little eccentric (Not mad, oh no. Not me.) but you'll get used to that. So here are 10 fascinating facts about me:
1) My name is Claire. (I told you these would be fascinating.) I'm 18 years, six months and six days old (and a geek, by the look of things), a bit strange, usually confused, with a bizarre sense of humour.
2) I'm a bit obsessive. Just to warn you. I get really really obsessed about something and then completely forget about it when my new craze comes along. Like my Orlando Bloom phase - I mean, what was that all about?!!
3) I may start talking French at any moment. Comme ca. Although, it will not be particularly good French, parce que je suis anglaise, alors je suis stupide et je ne suis pas tres forte en francais. Cependant, je suis tres forte en franglais.
4) Contrary to popular belief, I am not Tom Baker. Just because I wear a scarf every day, with pinstripe trousers and colours that don't really go together, does not make me a Time Lord. Or a Time Lady.
5) I like to win card games. And get annoyed when I don't.
6) I do the 'geek chic' thing. It's the way to go. Because it gives me an excuse to wear the above Time Lordy outfit to school. And worship Seth Cohen. And be able to recite all the books of the New Testament and all the Ten Commandments in order. I did RS GCSE. Honest.
7) As soon as I click 'update journal' I will think of a million other much cooler things to put at number 7.
8) I've given up Casanova (David Tennant/Ruffle T Davies version aka 'the proper version') for Lent. BIG mistake. Only Blackpool and the Christmas Invasion are keeping me sane. And the the knowledge that my Takin Over the Asylum DVD is waiting for me at the Post Office. Oh yeah, the current obsession (see number 2) is David Tennant. I have a feeling this may be one of the rare ones that last for a while, in the style of my Ewan McGregor and Jamie Cullum obsessions.
9) I have a fetish for Lindt Lindor chocolates. If anyone has any, feel free to send them to me - 'Hairy Maclary, Donaldson's Dairy'.
10) I'm hungry...*goes searching for ice-cream*

So, if you're reading this...why? Why are you reading this? But really, if you are reading this...hello! I hope you've enjoyed reading about how interesting I am! I'll go now and give you some peace. But I'll be back!
Claire xXx
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